Buk-Gu, Daegu Metropolitan City

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Seoriji Waterside Ecological Park

Basic Information

Seoriji Waterside Ecological Park.
The location 70-1, Geumho-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City.
Inquiries 053-665-2865
The time of use At all times.
The parking information The parking is possible.
(Although there is no separate parking zone, an empty lot in which the parking is possible has been prepared.)


It is both a waterfront space in the center of the city and a healing place where the leisure can be enjoyed. The Rock Garden, where the characteristic plants were planted, the Gardening Experience Center, the playground where the children can play, the Octagonal Pavilion, etc. had been created. And, in the green space, by planting 35,000 trees of the 52 species of the trees, including the pine trees and the others of the like, and 110,000 heads of the 31 species of the superflowers, including the common reeds that harmonize with the waterfront space and the others of the like, the landscape is excellent. If one goes around the Surriji Dulegilwith the length of 2km one round, the effect of the walking exercise done in the ecology which is full of the life force will become double.