Buk-Gu, Daegu Metropolitan City

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Culture & Tourism


Basic Information

The location Myeongbong Mountain, Taebok Mountain, Garam Mountain, Dodeok Mountain, and Hamji Mountain.
The inquiries Green Park Section. 053-665-4301
The time of use At all times.
The charge for using Free-of-charge.
The parking information There is no parking lot.
The transportation information Myeongbong Mountain (937,719,724, and 750), Taebok Mountain (724,750, and Chilgok 2), Garam Mountain (Buk-gu 2), Dodeok Mountain (730 and Chilgok 3), and Hamji Mountain(708,719,939, and Chilgok1-1)


On the 5 mountains that are located in Buk-gu, a total of 13 mountaineering trail routes have been designated. And, in the surroundings, there are a lot of the reservoirs that reflect the special characteristics of the agrarian society of the past, and the many historical sites are distributed.