Buk-Gu, Daegu Metropolitan City

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Daegu Opera House

Basic Information

The location 15, Hoam-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu
The inquiries Tel) 053-666-6000. Fax) 053-666-6019
The charge for using Free-of-charge.
The parking information The parking lot.


The Daegu Opera House meets the citizens with the works of art that possess the high musical level and the popular appeal. And, it has made the fame of Daegu, which is a city of the opera, firm. It has been approaching the citizens through the diverse, planned performances, including not only the all-acts opera, but, also, the lecture opera, to which a commentary is added, the concert that invited the famous musicians, the highly-elegant ballet, etc. Regarding the Daegu International Opera Festival, which has been producing the good results that are worthy of paying the attention to as a single field of the opera while recording the average seat share of 84%, beginning with the capturing of the highest excellent (A) grade in anevaluation of thenational treasury-supportedproject in the category of the traditional performing arts by the Ministryof Culture, Sports and Tourism in the year 2004, it captured the 3rd rank in the field of music in 2005, 2008, and 2009, it captured the 1st rank in the field of music and the 3rd rank in the entirety in 2006, and it captured the 1st rank in the field of music in 2011. And, especially, it has been repeating the dazzling growths, including the recording of the highest excellence (A) grade and the 3rd rank in the entirety in 2010, the recording of the highest excellent (A) grade in 2012, etc. For the expansion of the base of the opera and for the qualitative promotion of the cultural nostalgia right of the local residents, the Daegu Opera House has been multifariously proceeding with the programs that are done together with the citizens. On the Wednesdays of the last week of every month, while giving the free-of-charge performance of ‘The Wednesday that has the culture- the salon concert’, it had provided an opportunity for appreciating the diverse classic fields. And, while managing ‘The Guerilla Concert’ regularly, it has been approaching by one step closer to the everyday lives of the citizens. Also, through the program ‘The fun orchestra for the youths’, the cultural refinements of the youths have been heightened. And it has been endeavoring to heighten the interest in, and the level of understanding of, the classics.