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Geumho River Jeongwol Daeboreum Festival

Basic Information

The name of the festival The Geumho River Jeongwol Daeboreum Festival.
The days held The dayofthefirstfullmoonofeverylunaryear (January 15 of the lunar calendar).
The place held The riverside of the Sangyeok Bridge on the Geumho River (The Sangyeok Camping Ground).
The hosting and the supervision The Daegu Metropolitan City Buk-gu Cultural Center- Held from 2015.
The inquiries The Daegu Metropolitan City Buk-gu Cultural Center ☎053-326-2553, 2555.
The contents of the festival The Experiencing Yard (Archery, flying a kite, moon observation, electronic mouse fireworks, etc.). The Congratulations Yard (Pungmul Group Road Play, Daeboreum Congratulations Performance, Prayer Ritual, and Moon Greeting Congratulations Performance). The Food Items Yard (The outdoor restaurant and the food truck).


It is the biggest folk festival in Daegu that is held in the whole area of the Geumho River on the January15thofthelunarcalendar. By integrating the Moon House Burning event that had been held in the unit of the area of the Palgeo Stream in the Eupnae-dong, the Donghwa Stream in the Mutaejoya-dong, and the Geumho riverside in Bukhyeon-dong, it had been held for the first time on the alluvial island on the Geumho River in the past 2015. As an event for chasing away the bad luck for one year and for seeking the harmony of the residents and the win-win development, it is proceeded with the Congratulations Yard, the Experiencing Yard, the Food Items Yard, etc. Especially, through the Moon House Burning, which is the highlight of the festival, the flame that sours up in the night sky of the Geumho River stirs up the pride as an inhabitant of the Buk-gu and evokes the deep emotional move. At the festival that had been held at the riverside of the Sangyeok Bridge on the Geumho River in the past 2016, by having 15,000 residents participate, it had settled down as the folk festival that represents Daegu.