Buk-Gu, Daegu Metropolitan City

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Greetings from the head of the Buk-gu Office

북구청장 배광식

Hello, our online members!!
Welcome to the Buk-gu homepage.

I'm the Director of the Buk-gu office, Daegu

I will carefully listen to the voices from the residents of our district and always remember my first resolution to work for them that I had when starting my public service 32 years ago.

A happy life comes from living with other people, not from living alone.I believe the most essential thing in the world where "we", not I, live is 『communication』.

That's because it helps us to accept people's differences and to narrow the gaps among them.

This online community space is prepared to listen to your voices and communicate with you.

Furthermore, I hope this space will not only provide you with some information on the fast-changing real Buk-gu, but be a good space to gather your fresh and honest opinions.

I will support you all the time and I promise to do my best in order to establish the happy Buk-gu with all my efforts and passion.

Thank you very much.

Director, Buk-gu, Daegu Metropolitan CityBae Gwangsik