Buk-Gu, Daegu Metropolitan City

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Sun Greeting Event

Basic Information

The name of the festival The Sun Greeting Event.
The days held January 1 every year
The place held The holding every other year at the Chimsan Pavilion and on the Hamji Mountain (The Mangil Peak).
The hosting and the supervision The public participation invitations of the auxiliary businessmen. The Daegu Buk-gu Office.
The inquiries The Culture and Arts Section of the Daegu Buk-gu Office. 053-665-2795
The contents of the festival The New Year’s congratulations message, the sun greeting performance, the cultural performance, the writing of the wish paper, the sharing of the foods, etc.


As an event that prays for the development of the Buk-gu and the happiness of the inhabitants of the gu while finishing the old one year and greeting the New Year, the Sun Greeting event takes place at the Chimsan Pavilion, where the Chimsan nakjo (the glow ofthesettingsun), which is said to be the best among the ten views of Daegu, which Seo, Geo-jeong, who is a writer of great literature during the Joseon era, selected, can be seen. Although the Chimsan nakjo originally refers to the glow of the setting sun at sundown, which is looked at from the Chimsan Pavilion, the sunrise, also, that rises up within the center of the city, which is looked at from the Chimsan Pavilion, is first class. And the Chimsan Pavilion is a sun greeting tourist attraction that is crowded with the throngs of people who pray for the wish and the happiness of the one year every year. At the Sun Greeting Event, the multifarious events for the citizens who visit the sun greeting, including a performance that contains the New Year’s message, the writing of a wish paper for praying for the wish of the one year, etc., have been prepared.