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Geumho Riverside Bicycle Road

Basic Information

The location The riverside of the left bank of the Geumho River (The Gyeongbu Expressway between the Paldal Bridge and the Geomdan-dong).
The inquiries 053-665-2173
The time of use None.
The charge for using None.
The parking information There is no parking lot.


By creating the environment-friendly Masato Road and not a concrete structure, by providing the Geumho River riverside bicycle road, the trail, and the multi-purpose athletic field, the improvement of the physical strengths of the citizens is sought after. And, through the creation of a four seasons wild flowers estate, the resting place for the citizens has been provided, including the cultivation of the emotions of the citizens and the others of the like. And, in the surroundings of the bicycle mountain ridge route, by sowing the cosmos, from October, the autumn atmosphere can be felt to the heart’s content.