Buk-Gu, Daegu Metropolitan City

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Chilseong General Market

Basic Information

The location The whole area of 28, Chilseongsijang-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu.
The inquiries The People’s Livelihood Economy Section. (053-665-2651)
The time of use The use is possible within the business hours of the stores.
The parking information The charged use of the nearby publicly-managed parking lot.


It is the biggest traditional market in Daegu, together with the Seomun Market.
It is a general market that comprises many markets, including the Chilseong Market, the Cheonggwa Market, the Samseong Market, the Gyeongmyeong Market, the Bukmun Market, the Neunggeum Market, the Chilseongwon Market, the Furniture Market, the Daeseong Market, the Flower Market, etc.
Regarding the mainly handled products, they are diverse, including the foodforancestral rites, the daily necessities, the vegetables, the fruits, the fishery products, the home appliances, the flower wholesale, etc. And, as the specialty alleys of the Chilseong Market, the so-called Pig Alley, Chicken Alley, Popped Rice Alley, etc. too, are the plentiful markets in which the taste of the tradition and the wonder of the modernity coexist.