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Daegu Espas

Basic Information

Daegu Espas
The location The riverside below the Mutae Bridge at 1,000-beonji, Sincheon-dongro (Sangyeok-dong, Buk-gu), Daegu Metropolitan City.
Inquiries 053-255-0218 (Daegu YMCA)
The time of use At all times.
The charge for using Free-of-charge.
Parking information There is a small-sized parking lot.
The transportation information Express 2/ Circulation 2, Circulation 2-1, and Circulation 3/ 349,623,653, and 939/ Buk-gu 1.


Departed as a joint project between the Daegu City, the Urban Development Corporation, and the Daegu YMCA in February 2007. The case example of a social enterprise that succeeded had been applied to Sincheon, including the fostering of the unemployed as the guards who protect the environment, the creation of an environment-friendly, ecological, and cultural landscape, etc. by being centered on the river based on the representative self-supporting case example of Paris, France. It is planned to make a case example of the environment-friendly development of Sincheon through the social jobs and, at the same time, to manage a project that creates the corporation-linked, social jobs, and to manage an ecological playground, an ecological experience center, an ecological observation place, and an ecological culture education program (The arts school and the kindergarten within the forests) that appropriately utilizes the whole area of Sincheon with the infants and the children as the subjects.