Buk-Gu, Daegu Metropolitan City

Introduction General Status


General Status


The regional characteristics.

  • Both a transportation hub to which the highways, the railroads, the No.3 Line of the Urban Railroad, and the airport are linked and the gateway of Daegu.
  • The EXCO, the Daegu General Distribution Complex, etc. became the center of the logistics distribution in the Yeongnam Region through the construction of a newly-established road that will be linked to the Isiapolis in Dong-gu.
  • Because there are the project of regenerating the Daegu 3rd Industrial Complex- which is an urban-type industrial complex, the Mecca Robot Industry Cluster of the Daegu robot industry, the 551 small and medium-sized businesses in the Geomdan Industrial Complex, the 2,531 small and medium-sized businesses in the Daegu 3rd Industrial Complex, and the others of the like, it has been in charge of the role of a mecca that tows the high-tech industry.
  • It is scheduled that, centered on the Daegu Chilgok 3rdDistrict and the Samsung Creative Campus, it will be transformed into a street of the culture, the arts, and the tourism. A province in which the infrastructure of the economy, the culture, the education, and the sports is well established, including the Opera House, the KyungpookNationalUniversity, the Yeungjin University, the DaeguHealthCollege, the TaeguScienceUniversity, the park-type Complex Sports Town of the Citizens’ Sports Field, etc.
  • For the regeneration of the downtown that had been worn out, the Urban Regeneration New Deal Project has been pushed ahead at 3 places in the whole areas of the Chimsan 1-dong, the Bokhyeon 1-dong, and the Sangyeok 3-dong. And the Urban Vitality Promotion Project has been pushed ahead at 2 places in the whole areas of the Sangyeok 1,4 dong and the Chilseong-dong. And, other than these, for the improvement of the quality of life of the residents through the residential environment, the diverse projects have been pushed ahead, including 2 places in the Residential Environment Improvement Project District, 2 places in the Housing Re-development and Maintenance Project District, 12 places of the Housing Reconstruction and Maintenance Project, etc.
  • In addition to the project of the Hwadam Town Healing Belt, which is a large-sized waterfront leisure space, which has been proceeded with at the present, because the project of the Geomdandeul Kumho Waterpolis, which is a high-tech, future-type, complex industrial estate that is linked to the Geumho River water edge and distribution complex, has been proceeded with the completion of the construction in the year 2021 as the goal, by becoming ‘the two hearts’ of the Geumho River era, they have been leading the continuous development of the Buk-gu.

Deagu Detail

The area The administrative organization. The financial size (The early budget- January 1, 2020). The population (The resident registrations- December 31, 2019)
  • The total
  • 93.98㎢ (100%), the residential area
  • 20.30㎢ (21.60%), the commercial area
  • 3.40㎢ (3.61%), the industrial area
  • 4.89㎢ (5.20%), and the green area- 65.39㎢ (69.59%).
  • The main office
  • 5 bureaus, 2 offices, 26 sections, and 119 teams. The organization of the direct belonging
  • 1 office, 3 sections, 1 branch office, and 14 teams. The dongs
  • 23 dongsand 57 teams. The Assembly
  • 1 bureau, 1 team, and 4 expert members.
  • The total
  • 675,500 million won, the general accounting
  • 662,600 million won, and the special accounting
  • 12,900 million won.
  • The total
  • 437.710. The males– 218.150. The females
  • 219,560. The number of the households
  • 180,115(Not including the foreigners).

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