Buk-Gu, Daegu Metropolitan City

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Culture & Tourism

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The dating courseLove Trail

Distance3.3kmTime54 Minutes

The Hamji Green Park (Walking for 10 minutes. 60m). The Forest Experience Park (Walking for 13 minutes. 730m). The Otgol Hill (Walking for 25 minutes. 1.6km). And the Unamji Food Items Town.

The Geumho River wind courseGeumhogang Trail

Distance13kmTime1Hour 30minutes

The Paldal Bridge (15 minutes by bicycle. 3.5km). The Nogok Island (An alluvial island) (20 minutes by bicycle. 5 km). The Seobyeon Bridge (12 minutes by bicycle. 3km). Espas (1 minute by bicycle. 100m). The Sangyeok Bridge (13 minutes by bicycle. 3.2km). The Airport Bridge.

Into the history of the Buk-guBukgu History Trail

Distance11.1kmTime1Hour 45minutes

The Chilgokhyanggyo Daeseongjeon (Shrine) (12 minutes by car. 3.5km). The Maitreya Buddha Statue (Walking for 5 minutes. 200m).The Guam-dong Ancient Tombs (Walking for 5 minutes. 200m). Neungseongsega (35 minutes by bus. 4km). The Guam Seowon (Confucian Academy) Sunghyeon Temple (Walking for 13 minutes. 800m). Seomyeongbo Hyojagak (Walking for 30 minutes. 2.2km) The Chimsan Park

The market travel roadTraditional Markets Tour Trail

Distance14kmTime1Hour 20minutes

The East Daegu Market (Walking for 16 minutes. 1km). The Chilseong Market (25 minutes by bus. 4.5km). The Paldal Market (23 minutes by subway. 3.5km) The Agricultural and Fishery Wholesale Market (25 minutes by ground rail. 5km). The Chilgok Market.

The Donghwa Stream History Trail

Distance6.91kmTime1Hour 45minutes

The Sesim Pavilion (site) and Ferry (Walking for 20 minutes. 1.3km) Songgyedang (Walking for 8 minutes. 550m) Seogye Seowon (Confucian Academy) (Walking for 15 minutes. 1km) The Prehistory Remains Exhibition Hall (Walking for 40 minutes. 2.7km). The Placenta Chamber of Gwanghaegun (Walking for 2 minutes. 120m) The Yeongyeong-dong Thousand Years Zelkova Tree (Walking for 20 minutes. 1.24km). Yeongyeong Seowon (Confucian Academy) (Site)