Buk-Gu, Daegu Metropolitan City

Introduction Symbols



대구광역시북구청 The symbol mark.

The symbol mark.

The ellipse means the harmony of the gu inhabitants, which has become one. The above side of the ellipse dynamically represents the sky. The below side dynamically represents the mountain. And, between the sky and the mountain, the flight of the eagle-owl, which is a symbol of the Buk-gu, is dynamically represented. And the wing that stretches to the outside of the ellipse dynamically represents the will and the wish of the Buk-gu, which intends to advance toward an infinite development. The green color of the heart shape expresses the love, the abundance, and the clean environment. And the blue color expresses the image of the city that pursues the advancement that is filled with the hope toward the future.

The flower of the gu: The baron tree flower

The flower of the gu: The baron tree flower

It has been forming a wonderful colony at the northern end of the Paldal Bridge. And it symbolizes the harmony and the virtue. And the flowering for 100 days symbolizes the spirit of the inhabitants of the gu, which is touch and honorable.

The tree of the gu: The ginkgo tree.

The tree of the gu: The ginkgo tree.

It has been widely distributed as the pavilion trees, the street trees, etc. And, because the atmospheric purification ability is high, it is suitable to the characteristic of the region. Because its lifespan is long and because it is strong against pollution and the damages bythe blightandthe harmfulinsects, it symbolizes the spirit of the gu inhabitants, who have the endurance and the tenacity.

The structure: The eagle-owl

The structure: The eagle-owl

As the Natural Monument No.324-2, it is a permanently resident bird that propagates in the entire region of the Korean Peninsula. And it symbolizes the wisdom and the wealth. And it symbolizes the infinite prosperity of the Buk-gu and the image of the future of the development.

The character: Bookey.

The character: Bookey.

Bookey is a character which embodies the eagle-owl, which is the bird of the gu of the Buk-gu. And it symbolizes the appearance of the representative bird, which brought alive the symbolism of the Eyeglasses Industry Special Zone. And, by quoting the initial sound of the ‘b’ in ‘suribueongi’ (meaning the eagle-owl) and the initial sound of the ‘b’ in ‘Buk-gu’, it was named so that it can be called easily in an intimate way.

The vision of the gu administration.

The gu administration slogan.

The Buk-gu View 8 brand design.

By having ‘expansion’ as the motif, ‘the form of looking by concentrating’ was symbolized. And it was organized with the form of concentrating while looking at the object.

The icon that symbolizes the historical and cultural resources.

By bringing alive the special features of the 22 places of the historical and cultural resources, the expression to be consistent with the motif of the Buk-gu View 8 brand design.

The graphic image of the Buk-gu View 8.

Making the Buk-gu View 8 into an image by utilizing the soft color sense and a romantic tool.