Welcome to theBUK-GU, Daegu Metropolitan City

I sinerely Welcome you, the netizens who are visting our district’s website.

About Buk-Gu

I will carefully listen to the voices from the residents of our district and always remember my first resolution to work for them that I had when starting my public service 32 years ago. A happy life comes from living with other people, not from living alone.I believe the most essential thing in the world where "we", not I, live is 『communication』. That's because it helps us to accept people's differences and to narrow the gaps among them.This online community space is prepared to listen to your voices and communicate with you.


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Sunrise Event

This event is held to finish the old year and to celebrate the new year and to gather in the best place for the view of the first sun of the new year in order to pray for the development of the Buk-gu District and the wellbeing of the residents. Citizens can ...

Geumho River Jeongwol Daeboreum

This is the largest traditional festival in Daegu held around the Geumho River on January 15 by the lunar calendar. Combined with Daljib Sheaf Burning events held locally around the Palgeocheon Stream in Eupnae-dong, the Donghwacheon Stream in ...

Geumho River Baramsori-gil

This is one of the representative Festivals of Buk-gu, which takes place around the Geumho River every October. Combined with small and medium-sized festivals hosted by each Dong, this festival was first held in 2015 around Sangyeok Bridge of the ...

Buk-gu Culture & Arts

This is regarded as one of the representative culture & arts festivals of Buk-gu, which is connected with Life and Culture Plaza and where a variety of performances ...

Walks with Performances on Saturdays

It provides residents and families distressed from daily life with opportunities to see performance freely in the beautiful natural environment of the center.